Online demo

Take a look, if you haven’t, at our online demo.

Demo story

In the online demo, you will find a Kibana based dashboard. Service calls from various applications (mobile application, CRM software and accounting software) are logged in it. User logins via single sign-on Keycloak are also recorded (such events as LOGIN, LOGOUT and LOGIN ERROR). Everything is logged using the Logging Hub (it internally uses the Logging Module). These calls change throughout the day and week, simulating the actual operation of services.

The whole structure of service calls and their interconnection are shown in the figure below. We believe that our online demo will help you better imagine the possibilities of the Logging Hub and Logging Module.


If you liked the online demo, do not hesitate to download the Logging Hub, which you can easily run on your computer. It allows you to try logging for free, including connecting the Logging Module (a part of the Logging Hub) to your systems / dashboards using connectors. Then, with a Start-up license, you can run it for free even in a production environment!

Proxy Module

Primarily serves to streamline calls and integrations. Proxy Module can enrich individual calls with features like additional headers or mutual SSL with automatic certificate selection.

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Logging Module

Asynchronously write all important information about the status of service calls (you choose what is important through configuration). Monitor HTTP return codes of services, call times, etc.

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Security Module

Can ensure security for all calls, including (legacy) services which don't have any security implemented. It is also possible to improve the security using one time SMS codes (OTP), etc.

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